The academy is known for its comradery, friendship and social lifestyle. Along with all that comes the benefit of learning what's known as “the gentle art” one of the most potent an effective real life self defense systems on the planet is Brazilian jiu jitsu. 

Mastermind MMA Academy was founded on the belief that through martial arts we can improve their athletic development, increase focus and develop self discipline. Train in the most positive environment building a lifetime of friendships and travel with a team of competitors. 

We are more than just a martial arts studio. Our primary mission is to help our students improve their overall health, build their self-confidence, build their character and feel comfortable applying simple, but effective self-defense techniques, in real life situations, if ever needed. It’s a martial art that sharpens the mind while promoting continuous self improvement. 

Give us a try and see why Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sport in the world. 

Founded by Professor Jason Jimenez along with his fiance CEO Alma Rodriguez-Jimenez.


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